Mário Miranda Filho

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mario miranda

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 e-mail :mariomir@usp.br

Academic record

  • 1986 PhD in Philosophy at the University of São Paulo
    Supervisor: Prof. Victor Knoll
    Title: Auguste Comte and the Greek World
  • 1973 Master’s in Philosophy at the Université de Paris I (Pantheon-Sorbonne), France
    Supervisor: Prof. Pierre Burgelin
    Title: The notion of the Sovereign in Thomas Hobbes
  • 1973 Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy at the University of São Paulo

Research Area

Ethics and Political Philosophy
History of Ancient Philosophy

Current Research

Philosophical Bases of Ancient and Modern Republicanism
This research seeks to clarify the question of the relations between Philosophy and Politics inAncient Greece that saw the birth of Political Philosophy. Political Philosophy reflected mainly on two themes: the Politeia (which is the origin of the concept of Republic) and Virtue. How did these concepts come about, how have they transformed throughout history, under the impact of Christianity, Machiavelli, and modern science? How are they thought of in the context of contemporary reflection (positivism, historicism, postmodernism…)?